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How to Use BuySellAds with Google Adsense Backfill Correctly

BuySellAds (BSA) is a platform that connects web publishers and web advertisers. The BSA platform is great if you want to monetize your website. It allows you to pick ads that correspond to your target audience. So far, so good. However, BSA does not guarantee that there will always be an ad to display. It means that when your ad zone is not sold out there will be no ad displayed to your visitor. BSA offers ads for unsold ad zones, but this is only available to websites with larger traffic (to apply to BSA Unreserved program you need at least 400,000 impressions per month). To avoid losing money, you can set up so called backfill, which is an HTML code that will be displayed in the ad zone whenever there is no ad provided by BSA. You can use JavaScript in the backfill code.

Google AdSense is the most popular service for serving ads and you may want to know if it is possible to increase your revenues by combining BSA ads and Google AdSense ads as backfills. If it is so, then continue reading.

If you just put your Google AdSense JavaScript code in a BSA backfill, you might receive an ad request error from Google AdSense. Google AdSense may detect that your ad code is used on a wrong URL. BSA uses an iframe pointing to a backfill page stored in their Content Delivery Network (CDN), and hence the Google AdSense robot will see URL of BSA’s CDN server instead of your webpage’s URL. BSA is aware of this and warns about the issue:
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Export Tool Output to TXT, XML, and JSON

Another feature we have introduced into Online Domain Tools is called Exports. It allows you to export an output of a tool to a format that is suitable for automatic processing using a script, a program, or another tool. The format of the output can be TXT, XML, or JSON. Exports are available in selected tools through Get Export icon:

Get Export Icon Inactive   Get Export Icon Active

If you see one of these icons in the tool input form, it means the Exports are available for this tool. Similarly to the Permalink icon, the Get Export icon becomes active (turns blue) after the task is finished and the results are available.

When the output is ready and you click the Get Export icon, an export dialog is displayed:
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