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Online Domain Tools API

API that is currently implemented in Online Domain Tools is listed below. The list will be updated as we implement new features to our API. If you are in need of API that is not currently available, feel free to tell us about your needs through our support system.

Supported API (last update 7th November 2017):

  • Account API
  • Bulk Email Verifier API
  • Keyword Rank SERP Checker
  • Nmap Online Scanner API
  • Online Mail Server Blacklist Checker API
  • Online Website Link Checker API
  • Password Checker Online API
  • Whois Online API


Detailed documentation of ODT API authentication mechanisms and all API calls is available in PDF: ODT API Specification

Code Samples

In order to make it easier for you to start with ODT API, we have created following examples in C# and PHP. In ODT API, clients use signed HTTPS POST requests to invoke API calls, server replies with JSON responses.
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