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How to Get Removed from Blacklists?

There are tens and hundreds of blacklists that help to fight spam. Using one or more blacklists for filtering incoming emails can eliminate up to 99 % of spam. However, no blacklisting system is perfect and hence from time to time it might happen that a good address is blacklisted too. And there are more scenarios in which it makes sense to allow blacklisted addresses to be removed from the list. For example, a server hosting company might have a poor client who sends spam and recognizes that using a blacklist monitoring service. The hosting closes the client’s account. What is left is an IP address that belongs to the hosting company and it is blacklisted. This is when blacklist removal needs to be done, so that the IP can be cleaned and assigned to a new client.

General Instructions

If your IP address is blacklisted on one or more blacklists, you should note that blacklists are managed by different owners. There is no central entity that you can contact and ask for removal from all blacklists. We at Online Domain Tools do not maintain any of the blacklists and it is thus pointless to contact us with removal requests. Here is how to proceed when you are blacklisted and want to be removed, assuming you are listed on a blacklist named

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