Export Tool Output to TXT, XML, and JSON

Another feature we have introduced into Online Domain Tools is called Exports. It allows you to export an output of a tool to a format that is suitable for automatic processing using a script, a program, or another tool. The format of the output can be TXT, XML, or JSON. Exports are available in selected tools through Get Export icon:

Get Export Icon Inactive   Get Export Icon Active

If you see one of these icons in the tool input form, it means the Exports are available for this tool. Similarly to the Permalink icon, the Get Export icon becomes active (turns blue) after the task is finished and the results are available.

When the output is ready and you click the Get Export icon, an export dialog is displayed:

Get Export Window
You simply select, which export format you are interested in and check the Include input option if you want the input to be part of the export too. Then you can either open a new browser window with the export or download the export as a file.

The format of the export is tool-specific. In order to get familiar with the format, we recommend you to run a couple of sample tasks with the tool you are interested in.

So, check it out and let us know what you think about this new feature!

Special Case in Nmap

Nmap Online Scanner is a special case, when it comes to exports. The Nmap scanner itself is able to produce its output in an XML format. The output options, however, are not available in Nmap Online Scanner. This is why we have implemented a new checkbox Use structured (XML/JSON) output, which enables the XML output format by adding -oX - sequence to Nmap command line:

Nmap Export

When you enable this option, the final export is much more suitable for further processing. If you do not use this option, you can still use the export feature, but you will only get the raw output text as a single element that you will have to parse manually.

Note that Use structured (XML/JSON) output is good only for XML and JSON exports. If you are looking to work with the TXT export, you will be better off with this option disabled. In case of a JSON format, the Nmap’s XML output is converted to JSON with no information lost, so do not worry – we do not mix XML into JSON here.