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Hello and welcome! This blog is intended to extend Online Domain Tools web site with some, hopefully interesting, information related mostly to what we focus on – tools that you can run online from within your browser. If you read our blog you will get deeper insight into how our tools work. We will discuss common issues that you can experience while using online tools and we will compare other online tools providers with our own implementation.

We will be also glad if we get some feedback from you. So, get ready and have fun!


  1. Juan Camilo Villegas


    This is the best tools ever seen; however the function 3DES doesn’t work I can’t type a 24byte-key length.


    • admin [Post author]

      Hi Juan,

      first of all, thanks for the very first comment on our blog 🙂 And thank you for reporting a possible problem. We will check it and fix it if there is a bug. Please be patient here, it may take some time due to a vacation of the responsible person.

      • admin [Post author]

        We tested the tool and we were unable to replicate the problem. Please make sure you do not enter the key in hexadecimal form.

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